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Version: 9.0
Release Date: 17-August-2021

  • Dynamic print templates for Purchase Order, Purchase, Sale Order, Sale, Delivery Challan, Inward – Outward Notes, Journal, Payment, Receipt
  • Inserted account selection option in custom print template module for creating customer or supplier specific print template.
  • Inserted invoice or voucher print option in all transaction report
  • Inserted 5 custom fields in account definition, item definition and all transaction modules header.
  • Inserted transaction related custom fields selection option in transaction reports.
  • Inserted export to Excel option in GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B
  • Created new “Item Sale Summary Report” and “Misc Report”
  • Inserted option in inward – outward notes module to create note with single or multiple or no invoice selection
  • Inserted global “Transaction Search” functionality (Press Ctrl+T to access this form)
  • “Go-to” option for transaction modules

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Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Increased item name and item description length to allow 100 characters.
  • Solved speed issue of logo and signature loading in cloud version.
  • Update import module for Account & Item definition
  • Implement audit log functionality in other new modules.
  • Improvements in job-work and other modules
  • Moved differential percentage field from item level to transaction header level
  • Bug fixing and other improvements.
Version: 8.0 Release Date: 26-May-2021
  • Inserted export attachments option and voucher narration field in transaction reports
  • Dynamic print format for SALE invoice
  • General ledger voucher no grouping on option
  • Enhanced audit trail report with drill down to transaction feature
  • Inserted batch adjustment option in stock transfer module and print format
  • Inserted in cost center class in cost center master and adjustment option
  • Made batch-no and packing-no field’s caption custom for outward related modules from setting module
  • Option to derive sale rate for sale transaction in setting
  • Print dispatch from the address in sale invoice print format (GST and Non-GST)
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  • Changed place of supply code from 99 to 96 for ‘Other Country’.
  • Import FACE Purchase, Credit Note and Debit Note entry from Face Import Utility
  • Improved bill to bill adjustment and outstanding report speed
  • Made account address fields non-mandatory as per setting.
  • Qty field visibility in voucher series module for service invoice type (Sale only)
  • GSTR-1 And GSTR-3B changes as per government portal JSON schema.
  • Bug fixing and other

Version : 7.1
Release Date : 02-Apr-2021

  • “Daily Cash & Bank Report” format change for amount fields.
  • “Transaction Amount Round Off Require” option in setting module, To round-off inventory related invoice or voucher amount on option.
  • Packing field in item definition
  • Set maker – checker status to approved for “Challan Reversal JV” and “Foreign Exchange Gain/Loss JV”.
  • Set maker – checker status as per setting for “Cash Payment / Receipt JV”, “Reversal of ITC JV” and “TCS Adjustment JV”.
  • Inserted “Cancelled” field in “E-Invoice & E-Way Bill Report” to show cancelled invoices in report.
  • Other improvements

Version : 7.0
Release Date : 24-March-2021

  • Batch option in item opening stock
  • Changes in barcode setting form to generate QR code & Barcode both
  • Changes in stock take module to add the item name
  • Quarterly filing option in GSTR-1 and GSTR-4
  • Maker checker
  • Performa Invoice

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Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Changes in transaction form for selecting POS in case of GSTIN is empty.
  • Generate dynamic QRCode for B2C transaction
  • Model number field in item definition and sale invoice print
  • Add MRP field in Item definition and provide print option in setting.
  • Make changes in print format.
  • Bug fixing and other

Version : 6.0
Release Date : 23-Feb-2021

  • Add option for inserting and adjusting batch details
  • Batch Details – Insert new options in setting form
  • Changes in purchase, sale, delivery challan and CD note prints for showing batch details
  • Changes in general ledger and trial balance
  • Batch status report
  • Merge E-Invoice and E-Way bill forms
  • Create new report for E-Invoice and E-Way bill bulk generate and cancellation
  • Add option in setting for 2A reconciliation round off
  • Changes in GSTR-1 and Transaction form
  • In stock report -> stock summary and negative stock option, Add form to show transaction details of closing qty calculated
  • Add print option in sale order
  • Make trading and p & l report group wise

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Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Same voucher number can exists in different financial year
  • Records with Purpose DUMP – taking too much time to come to status Processed from Processing (Infinite loop)
  • Records stays in Processing status only if Branch GSTIN is blank
  • Import file data with EINV/EWB purpose are not generating PDF files
  • User is not able to receive emails while importing sale voucher from Sale Utility
  • Merged form of E-Invoice and E-Way bill is cutting on right side and not completely visible
  • Changes in Stock take and Barcode setting form
  • Outstanding report account opening not showing properly
  • Changes in print formats and costing detail report
  • Import FACE sale entry from excel
  • Bug fixing and other

Version : 5.0
Release Date : 17-Dec-2020

  • TCS calculation with Auto JV
  • Barcode Printing : Add “Item Price” in field name drop down and also in Report tab grid. Price column should display item sale value in report tab grid and it should be editable.
  • Add Voucher no. field and export button in Bank reconciliation module
  • Auto reference no generation in payment-receipt module
  • Allow option to select financial year dates other than Indian accounting date range
  • Cloud Performance improvement
  • Stock Take Module
  • Stock Take Report
  • Add document attachment option in account definition
  • Add item opening stock insertion option in item definition main screen
  • Help tab in import master formats
  • FACE walk-through on dashboard

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Closed Issues & Suggestions

  •  Remove cancelled invoice or voucher related field values from total from all reports
  • Display “Dr” and “Cr” instead of “D” and “C” for showing “Debit” and “Credit” effect
  • Replace “Ok” button’s caption to “Save” in all master and transaction modules
  • Set Transaction tab as active when user login to FACE
  • Open all transaction forms in add mode by default
  • Add payment – receipt type in payment – receipt report
  • Change label from “Order Details” to “Order Selection” in purchase order and sale order form
  • Fetch basic company and branch details from API like GSTIN, PAN, Registration Type etc.
  • E-Invoice validations in FACE masters
  • Bug fixing and other improvements

Version : 4.1
Release Date : 05-Nov-2020

  • Inserted E-Way bill related fields in stock transfer print format.
  • Moved E-Invoice credential from company definition to branch definition.
  • New E-Invoice status report.
  • Inserted PDF filter option in all print formats and made it default for export option.
  • Other improvement

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Version : 4.0
Release Date : 27-Oct-2020

  • Common ledger for sundry debtor & creditor
  • Auto mail for ‘General Ledger’ & ‘Outstanding’ report
  • Auto barcode number generation option in ‘Item Definition’ module
  • Barcode designing and printing module
  • Back dated insert, edit and delete action locking in all transaction modules
  • Allow stock transfer between inter-branch godowns
  • New stock transfer print format

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Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Inserted bank’s branch name column in account & branch master
  • Inserted branch’s email & bank’s branch name in all print formats header as per client suggestion
  • Import format improvements and Non-GST data locking
  • GSTR-3B JSON upload issue resolved
  • Bug fixing and other improvements

Version : 3.1
Release Date : 04-Aug-2020

  • Item opening import from Excel option
  • Purchase print format bug solved
  • Backup – Restore DB issue resolved

Version : 3.0
Release Date : 29-June-2020

  • Non-GST accounting
  • Unadjusted Foreign Transaction Report
  • Multiple financial year selection in reports
  • Currency conversion option in Balance sheet and Trading and P & L Report
  • Face To Face Import
  • Forget password option in login form
  • Print format correction

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Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Changes in report format
  • Bug Fixing
  • Miscellaneous necessary changes within different modules

Version : 2.0
Release Date : 11-February-2020

  • Multi Company accounting.
  • Multi Branch accounting
  • Multi – Currency.
  • Unit Conversion.
  • Delivery Challan.
  • Day book.
  • Customizable dashboard.
  • Addition of new reports.
  • Help Manual Upgradation.
  • FACE update reminder and option of download within application.

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Closed Issues & Suggestions

  • Upgradation of Journal entries and adjustments.
  • Changes in report structure.
  • Changes in cheque reconciliation format.
  • Changes in default group definition.
  • GST return accuracy.
  • Bug fixing.
  • Changes in printing, export and display formats.
  • Miscellaneous necessary changes within different modules

Version : 1.0
Release Date : 1-June-2019

  • Initial Release of Cygent Face
  • Provided advance functionality for free